People Power

  • Eleanor Farish
  • Ava-Lien Shoshan

(As this was a live brief some components have been hidden. We don’t fancy a court case and Ava wouldn’t survive one night in prison. But please enjoy the bits we can show.) Staying at home in isolation has become the new normal. So how do remind people that its friends and family that bring the energy into your home. Introducing: 'People Power' A new type of energy that is literally powered by you. Using a combination of heat, noise and sensor technology you produce energy simply by filling the room with people.

We wanted to emphasise the idea that its people that bring the energy into the room, so our People Power light is completely powered by the energy from people. Just as sunlight powers solar panels, people power this light.  By coming together in your kitchen, you literally create energy.
You can track how much energy you are creating together on our People Power app.
The app collaborates with energy providers, saving you money on energy each month just by being together in your home. You can also share your energy with your friends, using the power pot feature, and donate energy to those who need it, as many have struggled during lockdown.