Pepsi MAX – Test Your Taste Buds

Get consumers to re-appraise which cola they prefer and add Pepsi MAX to their repertoire.

Put Pepsi MAX’s proposition of ‘Go All In’ to the test and prove it.

Many of the best marketing activities are founded on a simple fact. In this instance, findings proved that when Pepsi MAX was put against Coca-Cola Original in a blind taste test, more people preferred the taste of Pepsi Max. So in 2018 we decided to put this premise to the test across Europe with the Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge.

Through blind taste tests across Europe consumers were asked to leave their bias on the side-lines and let their thirst choose a winner. Would sugar-free Pepsi MAX earn a flavour-packed victory over its full-sugar rival?

Going head to head

All this was developed into a strong visual identity in line with the core brand look and feel, using refreshing cues to bring the challenge to life with exciting attention-grabbing visuals.


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