Pinterest presents: Back to School

  • Sandy Kane
  • Meg Garrod
  • chelsea waites
  • Georgia Willows

For the month of September 2021, Pinterest focused on a Gen Z moment for Back to School. Speaking to 13-25 year old Pinners who are kick-starting a whole host of new and exciting life events, from starting a new school year or heading off to Uni. Illustrations by Chelsea Waites for commercial use by Pinterest.

Throughout the month, we featured Creators Idea Pins within Pinterest’s editorial spaces. Many of which were editorially briefed to create high quality content for the moment.
Along with the Creator content featured, we curated Shopping Spotlights featuring product Pins related to the Back to School moment, including the latest style trends, uni room decor and stationery must haves.
It’s Nice That featured the moment and the commissioning of Gen Z illustrator on their blog. Interviewing Chelsea on the concepts behind her designs, read the full article here.
To thank our creator community, we gifted them with the illustrative prints commissioned by Chelsea, alongside some goodies to create the perfect gallery wall for their uni room. Canary Marketing design for commercial use by Pinterest.