Pinterest Presents with Grow & Glow

  • Georgia Willows
  • Sandy Kane

Pinterest Presents with Grow & Glow was the next event in Pinterest's creator:creator education programme. Aiming to strategically leverage relationships with key blog coaches and communities to educate their communities at scale, add ‘social proofing’ and amplify our messaging across social media/podcasts. Grow & Glow provides resources, training and support for her community to help further their skills and grow their online businesses. The event aimed to provide scaled advanced training for the community and further amplify the event through podcast recording. The event included a networking brunch and educational workshops including Pinterest 101, Pinterest Strategy, Vision boarding and a Pinterest Panel with Gem (The Mother Cooker), Scott (Scott Can Eat), Vix (Founder of Grow & Glow) and Reena (Pinterest creator lead). The food was provided by the amazing Platter London.