Rankin x Avon

Avon is trying to shake up its image by tapping British photographer Rankin to create its latest campaign The Winter Edit, which launches on Friday online and via Avonrepresentatives.
The campaign centers around four key looks: Go Galactic, Divine Dream, Fired Up and Molten Metals, inspired by key makeup trends seen on the autumn 2018 catwalks. From metallic sheens to fiery orange shades and cotton candy tones, these edits are meant to “enable self-expression, inspire confidence and be fun,” said Stephen Rendu, Avon U.K.’s director of beauty.
“I love that Avon has such a massive reach and they’ve been empowering women as ambassadors from the start and making people feel confident, so this just feels like a really great extension of what I do normally,” said Rankin, who has shot a number of beauty campaigns promoting inclusivity and diversity.
The photographer said he brought his “edginess to their aesthetic,” and tried to reinforce the connection the social-selling brand has with its audience. “Even before social media came along, Avon had their women talking to their friends. I was really inspired by Avon’s mission to democratize beauty, because I really believe in beauty and fashion for all.”
The faces used for the campaign reflected this, as the girls were cast for their individual “real-life” beauty. To enhance each one and to make the looks pop Rankin shot close-ups against a neutral, white backdrop. “I’ve always been more comfortable being in beauty and when I started in beauty around the early 2000s, I really loved it because it was like portraiture.”
While the photographer has been focusing on showcasing beauty diversity among women, he alluded to his role in the growing men’s beauty market: “I think I’m probably going to have to do men’s beauty. I think it’s right up there ready to be done,” he added. - WWD.com
Photography: Rankin
Hair: Nick Irwin
Make up: Marco Antonio
Styling: Kim Howells
Manicurist: Jess Thompson
Models: Ellen Burton, Maisie Jane Daniels, Lielli St Clair & Maria Crittell