Sergei Polunin is a Ukrainian ballet dancer, who caught the world’s attention when he challenged traditions, showed a uniquely anarchic dance style, and of course, got some pretty noticeable tattoos. So, with his rebellious spirit in mind, it seems fitting that Sergei should join forces with Rankin, the photographer and director who threw the rulebook out the window early on in his career. And this 2018, they’ve finally joined forces to make a dance video! But, just as you’d hope, it’s not quite what you’d expect.

‘I love working with Sergei because he gives his all to everything he does. He choreographed the dance, worked with me on the concept, and I feel like we both did what we wanted to do, which in the creative industry is actually pretty rare!’ – Rankin

‘Creating with Rankin was a liberating and cool experience. Improvisation and freedom was the essence of our collaboration.’ – Sergei Polunin

With powerful dance choreography, surreal sets, and a sound track by new art-rock trio Husky Loops, this film is a real assault on the senses. But with more symbolism than you can shake a stick at, it goes deeper than a simple feast for the eyes and ears. So, if you want to see a glimpse into the minds of two trailblazers and view a dance video with a difference, then this film is worth a watch.

Sergei – Credits
Production – Rankin Photography for Hunger
Director – Rankin
Producers – Zoe Roberts & Joshua Parsons
Assistant Producer – Bridget Vuillermin
1st AD – Dan Smith
DOP – Tony Miller
Focus - Puller Jeff Vine
AROP - Simon Wood
2nd Unit Camera Op Louis Chan
2nd Unit Camera Op Rodney Williams
Rankin Film Team Remi Laudat
Jasper Cable Alexander
Loona Kasemats
DIT Nick Ward
1st Photo Assistant Jack Chamberlain
Photo Assistant Micaela McLucas
Photo Assistant Derrick Kakembo
Photo Assistant Conor Clarke
Photo Assistant Ludovico Girotto
Digi Op Neil Bennett
Gaffer Danny Hayward
Stylist Stevie Westgarth
Stylist Assitant Vicky Ware
Seamstress Charlie Watkins
Makeup Artist Heidi North
Make up Assistant Branka Vorkapic
Make Up Assistant Natasah de Cazalet
Make Up Assistant Melissa Davies
Hair Stylist Carlos Ferraz
Prod Designer Marco Turich
Production Design Asst Kenzi Yeo Donaldson
Post Producer Andrew Patrick
Editor Gareth Phillips


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