Rave Litany : Reincarnate

  • Brian McCarthy
  • Alex Elder

Video Announcement for the 3rd Rave Litany. Rave n. any gathering of people centred around listening to and dancing to electronic music, as played by a set of live djs. Originated in 1989 in the UK as underground, often illegal gatherings in abandoned warehouses. Often characterised by the positive, psychedelic atmosphere. Litany n. a series of petitions for use in church services or processions, usually recited by the clergy and responded to in a recurring formula by the people.

Rave Litany is always a joy to work on. With every new instalment we try to push the boundaries. The Buddhist theme of Rave Litany : Reincarnate provided fresh ideas to play with from the beginning. Research and development was spaced out over three weeks. Several ideas were drawn from, some being too complicated to deliver in a timely manner. After deliberation we decided to use some of the ideas from Rave Litany 2 and pull from the pool of R&D done.

The trailer switches in between two different worlds. Its flickers between the world we live in now and the spiritual realm where reincarnation takes effect through dance and expression. The reincarnation realm works in tune with the concept of a spiritual awakening through music and dance. The camera pans through a hallway leading to the dance floor where the awakening takes place. Before reaching the dance floor it flickers between the two worlds before arrival the to reincarnation.

It pauses on a final view of the present before the music crescendos. The music intensifies placing us in the full Rave Litany experience. The viewer is met with the line up and a plethora of visuals relating to the theme of the event. You have now entered Rave Litany : Reincarnate.
The venue in the trailer is Grow Tottenham. This was recreated completely in CG using reference. The cage is the center piece of the venue where MC’s and DJ's perform. Grow Tottenham is used frequently for Grass roots movement in the London music scene.

The editing is where the structure of the trailer came to fruition. Two scenes of the venue were created in 3D. Both scene used different light and objects but the camera movement matched both scene. This made editing fluid and easy to manage.

After effects was used to create particles which provided atmosphere. Copy and grading were done if after effects. The final arrangement was edited in Adobe Premier.