RBS / NatWest Future Bank

  • Jen Heazlewood
  • Jason Connolly
  • Daniel Harvey
Setting up the team which grew from a UX, designer and developer to a team of 3 UX, 3 designers and 2 developers in order to effectively deliver more lean ways of working and rapidly prototype and produce work. The team was able to adapt quickly to client briefs and the client was regularly involved in the work in order to ensure all elements were considered and gain smooth and quick sign-offs. We worked with RBS to create business cases to gain funding for the relevant projects.

Projects during that time
Future of mobile banking
2013 RBS customer propositions
Mobile banking
Mobile banking re-skin
In-branch iPad app for digital brochures
RBS/ NatWest Rebrand

2013 RBS customer propositions
The brief to define the customer propositions for 2013 and to rethink their online banking portfolio, the brief to design platform agnostic.

Propositions that came out of the brief were Coach, money management, Reward/ Loyalty app and a redesigned mobile banking.

Outputs included user research testing sessions, proposition development strategy, mobile and tablet prototypes built in iOS.

Led the design & development team in a lean manner for final outputs.

In branch iPad
Digitise brochures for new products within the branch, designed to be scalable for iPad and large touchscreen.

Prototype through animation tools and paper prototyping to complete iOS build.

Delivering the new rebrand of the RBS/ Natwest banking proposition, working with the brand agency to ensure that the branding was consistent and worked across digital interfaces including in branch, online banking, mobile banking and ATM.