REALWORK Podcast Ep 014 with Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots

  • Fleur Emery
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Annabelle Buckland she/her

‘Diversity is better for business, it’s better for profitability, it’s better for creativity’ Pip Jamieson started off her career in the Civil Service but found herself wanting something faster paced and with more purpose. Identifying flaws with the usual ways of looking for work in the creative industry, Pip founded The Dots, a professional networking solution for a modern workforce that grew out of the creative industry. Pip shares her thoughts on work, hiring, and the job market including: How The Dots provides an alternative to traditional job hunting as a response to elitism and patriarchy in the job market. The impact of remote working on hiring, particularly at junior levels, and how to combat this. Pip’s dyslexia diagnosis, how she has navigated neurodiversity and the benefits it brings her at work. Why we need to build teams that reflect a diverse and different society, and not just hire Oxbridge graduates. Find out more about REALWORK on Instagram or visit The REALWORK Podcast with Fleur Emery is produced by Buckers at Decibelle Creative, find her on Instagram: @decibelle_creative and here: Our thanks go to Tom Seals for his wonderful piano playing at the end of this episode – find him here: @tomseals and This episode of the REALWORK Podcast is sponsored by Techniclarity, a company that develops female founder’s tech know-how, giving them the knowledge, language and confidence to lead their start-ups. / / @the.techniclarity

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