• Tim Smith
  • Sophie Hutson
  • Grace Mostyn
  • Eddie Caldwell

Reebok and WIT gave us creative freedom to experiment with its design for the limited edition Reebok Nano 9 shoe, which was the first line of trainers to incorporate the re-introduced Reebok vector logo. We took the Nano 9 as a blank canvas, still in its initial sketch stage from Reebok, and infused the WIT 'stronger together' ethos. The material colours and finishes are inspired by steel, wrought iron and high impact rubbers which are juxtaposed against a vibrant orange. We created a bespoke abstract typographic system inspired by WIT's industrial training environment. This system was used across the product, editorial designs and across all WIT platforms. The Nano 9 proved to be one of the biggest pre-launches in WIT's history, with more than 1000 units of footwear sold in minutes.