Refugee Info Hub

  • Hana Tanimura
  • Emma Durgan
In 2015, up to 7000 refugees were landing on Greek Islands every day. They arrived only with the necessities: legal documentation and, for the first time in a crisis like this, their phones.
Unfortunately the little information that was available to them online was usually outdated, inaccurate, or in a language they didn't understand. That’s why the International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps and Google created Refugee Info Hub: a mobile site for NGOs to provide refugees with reliable, up-to-date information in their native language.
Refugee Info Hub was designed to use as little data and battery power as possible. (For example, the white on black design uses up to 40% less battery). And using Google Docs as the backend CMS allows NGOs on the ground to easily keep it up to date. In just 36 hours, the site was up and providing accurate information to refugees.
We first launched the site in Lesvos and, four months later, it was available in 18 additional locations and being updated by more than 30 NGOs.
So far, the site has helped over 100'000 refugees and continues to be accessed by over 1000 people each day, seeking trusted information to continue their journey safely.

For more, check out this video.

Creative agency: Google Creative Lab London
Creative: Xavier Barrade Hana Tanimura
Design lead: Hana Tanimura
Build: Toaster

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