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Hana Tanimura

Senior Designer at Google Creative LabNew York, United States
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Hana Tanimura

Senior Designer at Google Creative LabNew York, United States
About me
Hi! I'm a designer and art director currently working at Google Creative Lab in New York (previously in London). I like making good things with good people, for good causes. And sometimes just for fun.
  • Notable WomenNotable Women is an AR Experiment that lets anyone see 100 historic American women where they have historically been left out: on U.S. currency. Discover the accomplishments of activists, artists, scientists, business leaders, writers, civic leaders and more—right on the money in your wallet.
  • Bujji's StoryIndia has the one of the world's largest digital gender gaps. Every second, three more Indian people experience the Internet for the first time – but only half as many women as men are online, and just 12% in rural areas. To address this and make sure women don't get left behind, the Google team in India launched the "Internet Saathi" program, which aims to help women in rural India get online.
  • Project BloksProject Bloks is a research project that aims to create an open hardware platform to help developers, designers, and researchers build the next generation of tangible programming experiences for kids. We’ve created three key hardware elements: Base Boards, the Brain Board, and Pucks. Together, these elements form a reconfigurable system for controlling hardware devices like robots, toys, or IoT devices. They can also be used to control applications on a computer or tablet.
  • Sideways DictionarySideways Dictionary is a collection of fun, easy-to-understand analogies that help explain complicated technology terms. Use it to look up tech terms of all kinds, vote for the definitions you like best, and even add your own. Creative Lab helped our friends at Google Jigsaw bring this project to life by writing, art directing, and producing two short animations. One to introduce the project, and a second to help people get in the right mindset to write and contribute analogies of their own.
  • Refugee Info HubIn 2015, up to 7000 refugees were landing on Greek Islands every day. They arrived only with the necessities: legal documentation and, for the first time in a crisis like this, their phones.
  • Project JacquardProject Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces.
Projects credited in
  • Female Creative Leaders 2017 - Meet the 150 women redefining the creative industriesTo celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 we asked 15 incredible female leaders in design, advertising, illustration, tech, film, fashion, arts, social enterprise and more to nominate the 10 women that they believe will redefine the creative space over the coming years - all with the aim of inspiring the next generation of female creative leaders. Discover, connect and be inspired by these amazing women, listed below and stay up to date with our 2018 list of women redefining the creative indu
  • Notable Women ARAUGMENTED REALITY APP, IOS AND ADROIND An AR Experiment that lets anyone see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: U.S. currency.
  • Meet 100 LGBT+ Trailblazers Redefining the Creative IndustryWe asked influential LGBT+ icons to nominate trailblazers who they believe are redefining the creator landscape. The result? A unique and incredible list of 100 trailblazing LGBT+ folk breaking barriers and inspiring change! We’re on a mission to explore and tackle inequalities in the creative industry - this is why we run diversity initiatives, dedicating our curated projects and people sections on The Dots to undersung groups. This brings together an abundance of dazzling work from diverse cr
  • Glug Profiles: Hana Tanimura, Google Creative LabHere’s an opportunity for you to get an insight into Glug’s speakers. I spoke to Hana Tanimura, Senior Designer at Google Creative Lab exploring the challenges she faces in her role and sharing the advice she has for others starting off their careers in the creative industry. Hey Hana, why don’t you start by telling us a little about your role at Google? I am a Senior Designer at Google Creative Lab in London, and I’ve been working here for about 4 and a half years now, in a small group of 28
  • CHAMPIONING DIVERSITY: HANA TANIMURAHana Tanimura was chosen by Tea Uglow as one of the up-and-coming talents shaping the creative worlds of today and tomorrow, as part of our collaboration with creative network The Dots. Read more about the other artists here or read on to learn more about Hana’s work. Hana Tanimura has never been afraid to make a big decision. Born in Australia, her family moved to a small village in Switzerland when she was eight and she enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the countryside outside Geneva. “When I ha
  • WETRANSFER AND THE DOTS PRESENT: CHAMPIONING DIVERSITYThis month some of the leading creatives from the LGBT+ community are curating our WeTransfer wallpapers. Working with creative network The Dots we invited movers and shakers – from Google’s Tea Uglow to filmmaker Matt Lambert – to choose an up-and-coming LGBT+ creative who they believe is shaping the creative worlds of today and tomorrow. Meet our 2017 selections below… Curator: Tea Uglow Artist: Hana Tanimura The amazing Tea Uglow is creative director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney. The l
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Work history
    Senior Designer Google
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I joined the Creative Lab in 2012 as a new recruit on the Google Five program (creativelab5.com)... and never left.
  • Design
  • Visual Design
  • Branding Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Creative
  • Art Direction
    MA Communication DesignUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom