Reimagine The World Like A Gamer

  • Esin Huseyin
  • Gate Lambert
  • Dan Fryer
  • Davide Mauroni

Brief Challenge people’s perception of refugee and migrant children for the launch of UNICEF’s new internal global flagship campaign - ‘Reimagine’. Idea The gaming world is one where you’re judged purely on abilities - but the same can’t be said for life - especially for refugee and migrant children. So we stepped away from the victim-led charity narrative and instead championed the skills and future potential of these children. We gave our audience an active role in this campaign, allowing them to play and experience the stories of three children; Sama, Nora and Pouya. Results - 20+ pieces of press coverage: Particularly Campaign’s Ad of The Day, David Reviews’ Pick of The Day (5* review), and Little Black Book’s Work of the Week - Global campaign that has been localised across 25+ markets; from China to Bulgaria, Niger, Peru and Australia - Plans to build out the platform into 2022 through other areas of the business - Hero video and mini-game has captivated audiences - increasing campaign landing page dwell time in some markets (15 mins in Spain)

REMOTE SHOOT 2020 may have been the year of video calls, but this UNICEF campaign was the agency’s first remote overseas shoot. Using software QTake we were able to shoot and direct from our bedrooms and living rooms - all it took was a 14 hour video.
INTRODUCING THE GAME’S CHARACTERS Collaborating with our three children - Pouya, Nora and Sama - we showed the determination they have to fulfil their future hopes and dreams. But to reach their next milestones, they’ll need society’s help to unlock their future potential.

As well as the hero film, we created three character edits and a fast-paced game trailer edit.
MOBILE MINI-GAME We teamed up with video game publisher, Gameloft, to turn the children into the lead characters of a mobile game. From the backgrounds to the clothes and graphic icons, we made sure the game was an extension of the social campaign.