Relentless x Solardo: On the Road - 2017

  • Lara Bean
  • Fabiana Pacini

A content creation and digital marketing project, we teams up with KNGLAD and took a trip to Manchester to get to know the UK’s party boys Solardo and follow them on their journey to headlines the relentless stage at Leeds Festival, the 2nd largest stage at the festival.

PROJECT The biggest activation each year for Relentless Energy Drink is their own stage at Leeds festival, completely owned by the brand we do everything from production to programming to delivering on the day. 2017 saw friends of Relentless, Solardo headline the stage and with that came the opportunity for a content piece. Historically the brand has produced and released a wrap-up video after the festival that then competes against multiple other branded wrap-ups and the festivals own video, thi syear we wanted to 'kill' the wrap-up and deliver a piece that still showcased the stage and the brands involvement, but focused more on a performer.
  • Deliver a content piece that showcases the Relentless stage, the talent and can be repurposed in the future
  • Gain 1 million views across channels with a target of 500K views on the main youtube video.
  • Strengthen artist relationships and utilise their reach whilst taking into account their goals of being taken more seriously
  • Raise brand awareness in the UK and amongst music festival audiences

  • Worked with & managed our content agency, KNGLAD to create a video that explored Solardo and their gruesome touring schedule, celebrating the end of a busy summer season, taking a look into their career beginnings and then following them as they travelled to Leeds to perform
  • On-the-night improvisation saw us use social media to highlight Solardo's big fans that were in the crowd awaiting the boys to perform, we set up a meeting place and brought them backstage for a meet and greet and 10 minutes stage experience. This was all filmed and included in the content piece whilst also positively positioning the brand amongst the fans.
  • Short teasers were published across brand and talent channels to build awareness of the upcoming piece.
  • Facebook video ad campaigns were used to gain views reaching the targets
  • YouTube campaign ran for 1 week with a target of 500K views.
  • Twitter was used for conversational tools allowing us to engage with Relentless and Solardo fans and build interaction surrounding the campaign, using assets such as GIF's and Polls.

  • 2.8 million views gained across digital channels with the video being posted on Relentless YouTube, and supporting assets used across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Solardo's channels. 
  • The Youtube Campaign delivered 1.2 million views, exceeding the target substantially
  • Extra footage captured to serve Leeds 2018 promotions and any other Solardo projects
  • Audiences targeted were UK, electronic music fans and festival go-ers.