RITUAL (Island Records) digital campaign

  • Alex Elder
  • Zosia Morris
  • Alex Hollings
  • Emma Lansdown
  • Lewis Lister

RITUAL are producer-artist trio on a mission: to tell the story of love and loss in the digital era. Somethin' Else were tasked with managing the band RITUAL's social channels to support the release of their singles, 'Using' and 'Hard Times'. Armed with only a few band photos, lyric sheets & a press release outlining the band's "Dreamers Never Learn" concept; we set about creating and publishing content across all of the band's platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook) whilst staying true to their musical & conceptual vision. Credits: Design: Emma Lansdown, Chris Blackley & Alex Hollings Creative: Alex Elder Account management: Zosia Morris, Tom Young & Alex Elder Island Records marketing: Angela Grech & Lewis Lister

Dreamers Never Learn:
Dreamers never learn. Romantics never quit. Creators never stop. Pop never dies.

Mixing progressive songwriting structures / balladry, larger-than-life electronic arrangements and twinned boy-girl vocal melodies, the band's output from these recording sessions aims to document 'heartbreak in the 21st century'; an idea encapsulated by their broken hearted logo.
IRL Logos (Always on)
Taking the band's "Dreamers Never Learn" logo as our starting point, we turned this very digital logo on it's head by weaving it seemlessly into stock imagery of 'real world' contexts. These were posted on the band's Instagram, breaking a 5-month silence since their last single and teasing the fact that new music was immanent.
Using - Single campaign
Co-written + guest vocalled by Emily Warren, 'Using' is all about a social climber, a user who's constantly DMing to get what they want. As such, our social creative & music video cutdowns heavily references these social platforms (in quite a 'meta' fashion).
Hard Times - Single campaign
Follow-up single 'Hard Times' featuring Robinson deals with a couple that have hit a rocky patch in their relationship. The lyric "Break my heart until I lose my mind" directly informed the band's logo design.