SEAT + ITV Drama

  • Esther Duran
  • Juliana Amaral
  • Steve Aston

Interactive game

We wanted ITV Drama viewers to engage with SEAT sponsorship week after week. To accomplish this task I was asked to create an online game that tied their favourite ITV Drama (Broadchurch, Vera and The Level) storytelling with SEAT through an interactive game.
I was responsible for the research, personas creation, user journeys, flow charts, wireframes and prototypes to define the UX architecture, strategy and interaction design for this online game.
Was to make a game that is engaging, with a compelling storytelling, a pleasant user interface, smooth user flows, balanced levels of difficulty and intuitive interaction.
I created a variety of personas that reflected the wide range of viewers that ITV Drama weekly has. Each user had a different journey, device and some pain points were highlighted in their flow.
After I defined the set of personas, highlighted their journeys and established the game flow I created a set of wireframes matching each criteria and representing the weekly game flow.
Using Axure I created a prototype that matched all the product specifications and flow charts. It was signed off internally and then presented to the client. After a few iterations the client signed it off and the developer team was ready to implement their magic.
SEAT and ITV were looking for a brand linkage and a creative storytelling therefore a strategic link between the brands, the game and the tv series was key. 1. A brand story: “Beautifully made” 2. Creative output around mystery theme 3. Support our “beautifully made” story with other elements of the brand 4. Ensure the narrative develops overtime to maintain interest 5. Create a design and a journey that is consistent, engaging and on brand
Here are a few examples of the final product.