• Becky Cartey
  • Os Ishmael
  • Johanna Gruntjes

To celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the British Council want to show young people that Shakespeare’s work is more than just something they were forced to study at school, it’s engaging, funny and relatable. So, these timeless stories were adapted to focus on modern issues such as cyber-bullying and sexuality. They were then told in a way that young people do understand, the way they tell their own stories, on social media. Shakespeare’s most iconic plays were retold through the main character’s eyes, getting into their head and telling the stories in real time using selfies, calligraphy, filtered photos and emoji-filled captions that featured Shakespeare’s original prose. Other characters were tagged and even commented on the posts! The result? 12.6 million campaign impressions, 430k engagements and a 62% increase in Instagram Followers.