Becky Cartey

Becky Cartey

Creative Team // CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Becky Cartey

Becky Cartey

Creative Team // CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm the copywriting half of a creative team. We know social inside out, with the majority of our experience having been in social and digital content. However, we have experience in executing concepts across traditional media such as TVC, Print, Radio, etc and are strong believers that the idea should dictate the media - not the other way around! We've worked across clients such as Virgin Trains, AXA, Sky, TalkTalk, British Council, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, British Heart Foundation, Sunpat Peanut Butter, Hartleys Jam and many, many more.
  • Advert Unavailable
    Advert UnavailableA a set of Youtube ads which play on the media format in order to show self-employed and small businesses the impact of just one person being absent, and therefore the value of business healthcare cover.
  • Cancer Doesn't Discriminate
    Cancer Doesn't DiscriminateWomen of black and ethnic minority backgrounds are currently reluctant to step forward and share their cancer survival stories. Although less likely to get cancer, this lack of representation and conversation makes them more likely to die from it. Tackling the issue of underrepresentation head-on, this speculative campaign for Cancer Research UK shows a diverse range of BAME women... but with their identity hidden due to the lack of women willing to speak up. The ads call for BAME cancer surviv
  • Samsung Drive
    Samsung DriveA simple idea to stop people using their phone when driving. It won the 'SheSays Student Award' in 2015.
  • Virgin Trains Mother's Day
    Virgin Trains Mother's DayVirgin Trains gave Mums what they really want on Mother’s Day. Ft. cheesy/creepy stock footage.
  • Virgin Trains April Fools
    Virgin Trains April FoolsWhen Virgin Trains and April Fools collided, this was the outrageous outcome. It got over 200k views without a penny of paid spend!
  • Never-Ending Ticket
    Never-Ending TicketTo continue Virgin Trains’ passion for connecting people, they granted everyone (yes, everyone) the opportunity to travel for free using the Never-Ending Ticket. The catch? It only worked if the Twitter community work together to keep it moving around the country. Each day people could apply to take their turn using #NeverEndingTicket and pick the ticket up from its latest destination. The ticket travelled around the country, connecting people, for around a month and visibly increased brand
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Projects credited in
  • Durex #FitMatters
    Durex #FitMattersDurex's research found that 46% of consumers are not confident about buying the right condom. This often leads to purchases that don’t fit properly, which contribute to the belief that wearing a condom reduces pleasure. In making #FitMatters, Durex is pushing to shift that behaviour, while ensuring the message is inclusive and speaks to diverse communities that are exploring sex and sexuality their way. The campaign features a wide range of influencers from sex positivity bloggers and podcast
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    Nonsense London logo
    Creative teamNonsense London
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Working on campaigns for a whole host of brands, including Virgin Trains, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, NSPCC, AXA, Hartley's, British Council, Talk Talk and much, much more...
    Nonsense London logo
    Nonsense London logo
    Creative teamNonsense London
     - London, United KingdomInternship
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    Creative AdvertisingUniversity of Lincoln
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