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The world is pretty much half men, half women. So why are there hardly any women doing top jobs at agencies? We decided to stop chatting about it and do something. SheSays holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up. We also have our own award called The Golden Stillettos which is actually the first ever wearable award for women who stepped it up. We are also very pleased to announce a couple of extra services in the US. We now offer career management and recruitment which means we can find you some great jobs. And because we like to keep things practical, we are starting some courses on digital creative and production where we’ll focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. That’s right, we’ll teach you how to get things done as opposed to talking about the internet. Finally, if you want to work on great clients and with other amazing women, please join our evolved collaboration platform called shout. The benefits are incredible, including getting some hard cash. So what’s in it for you? You can come to free events around the world and meet other cool women, you can get a mentor, a job or even additional income through shout projects. You can also get on our list of great women or suggest other cool ladies who deserve some exposure.

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