SheSays: TheyMadeHerShine

  • Melissa Wong
  • Charlotte Barnard
  • Jennifer Vobis
  • Deenisha Bhikha
  • Joyce Kremer

We played Cupid in a special new Valentine’s campaign called They Made Her Shine, a social campaign to spread positivity this Valentine’s (Galentines) by sending a message to your work sweetheart – not an office romance, but someone who helped you in your career.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It’s about spreading some love and saying thank you to the people who make you better! That’s why SheSays is celebrating the people out there who’ve helped women grow and achieve their goals.

#TheyMadeHerShine provides a place for women to celebrate the generosity and advice of others, and the impact it’s had on their careers by writing thank you notes on to those who supported them. All messages were delivered via email, twitter & @theyMadeHerShine Instagram.

From the kickass career guru who shared some brilliant advice over coffee, or the brilliant mentor with heaps of experience, tips, and tricks; all the way to the cheerleading friend and the confidence-boosting colleagues. If they made you shine, SheSays wants to help you say thanks, because sometimes they don’t know just how much impact their gesture has made.