Sharpening your senses with The Body Shop

  • Pablo Hernandez Urzola
  • Thea Hamrén

As part of our work for The Body Shop in 2018, we launched a video using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques to promote its range of multimasking face masks. The sensorial ad promotes the Body Shop’s face masks, which are applied to different parts of the face to purify, plump, clarify and polish the skin. With heightened sound effects, the video gives a sense of the texture, density and feel of the different masks as they are stirred and applied to the skin. Six masks from the range are showcased, including: Chinese Ginseng & Rice; Himalayan & Charcoal; and British Rose. We’ve tapped into the internet trend for videos with sounds which are oddly pleasing to listen to and trigger ‘braingasms’, which are goosebumps or tingling feelings in people’s heads and necks. The work is part of our wider campaign with The Body Shop, which includes a bamboo face mask and face mists.


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