SO SOFT World Tour - Exhibition - Project Flip Book - Personally Annotated by me

  • Mosh Balogun
  • Akosua Sutherland Durowaah
  • Maureen Kargbo
  • Nick Wotton
  • Cong Nguyen

I really wanted to relive the experience of this very enjoyable project. I got to work with an amazing multidisciplinary team and the exhibition, which was held at Kunstraum Art Gallery, was a night to be remembered. I made this flib book so i could give my personally annotated perspective on the different features that made up the entire project. Before you click the link or look at the pages all confused i guess it would be wise for me to give some context as to what the project was all about. I am the Founder and Creative Director of a high-end streetwear label called: Sons Of the First Tribe. Myself and my Visual Director/Creative Producer Sau Ali linked up with three amazing set designers who recently graduated from UAL. Our goal was to collaboratively create an immersive exhibition experience that coincided with, the then upcoming launch of the So Soft World Tour hoodie series from Sons Of the First Tribe. Heres the link for the PDF flip book: And below are a few pages taken from the flip book. Hope you enjoy