Standing out from the Crowd: a panel discussion on mental health & the creative industry - get tix here!

  • Sostenes Santos
  • Jessie Cheriyan
  • Denise Chippindale

Applying for countless creative roles and finding it hard to stand out in your tough, every changing industry, or is it not feeling your self worth that’s playing on your mental health?

Join us as we talk mental health, struggles & pressures of the creative industry, career journeys, and standing out in a crowd!
When? Thursday 16 May at 6.30pm
Where? Level 1 Whitechapel High Street
How? Click here for free tickets
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You will be joined by 3 creatives who have experienced the up’s and down’s within the industry, using their uniqueness as their strengths to stand out and score their dream job as well as the tools and techniques they used to keep a clear mindset.
Each speaker will be sharing their importance/ understanding of mental health, career struggles, and creative work.
Click here for free tickets