Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 | Exhibition Design & Concept

  • Jack Andrew Lenton
  • Hannah Daly
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  • Exhibitions
  • Spatial Design
  • Copywriting
  • Branding and concept work
  • Video and Image creation
  • Experiential Marketing
From the 4th to 8th February 2020, Icons of Denmark exhibited for the first time at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The fair brings together the best of Scandinavian design as well as established international brands with a presence in the Nordic region.
As the new kids on the block, it was essential for Icons to make a lasting impact with their visitors. The company had also recently made a transition from curators to creators of furniture, focusing their attentions on the workplace/office markets, so the concept needed to emphasise this move.
Our team of three were tasked with researching and developing an interactive concept - one that would appeal to both the general audience at the fair and Icons' target market - namely, architects and designers.
For the concept, we addressed a common question – “How is Work?”. With the average British person spending 3,507 days at work across their life, we wanted to know how our clients experience employment and in turn, demonstrate how furniture can partially answer this question.
Firstly, we divided the exhibition space into five different areas using the rule, "How, What, Where, When... is work." Each area was connected with a different activity found in the workplace (focus, learn, collaborate, meet, relax) and a specific form of engagement - from an inspirational "make your own moodboard" setting to an educational dice game that considered how long we work. The colours and decor established visual identities within each of the different spaces, creating ambient signage for visitors.
To boost awareness and promote the event, we took to social media with a peppering of one-shot images and short videos. With a minimal budget and two-week turnaround, there wasn't time to shoot the furniture. Instead, we focused on the concept - visually representing each activity's theme through easy-to-grasp kinetic typographies.
The Icons stand proved to be one of the most popular at the festival and has been covered in several "Best of Stockholm" industry publications. Fair-related Instagram posts have received 110% more likes than previous posts and LinkedIn impressions have dramatically grown by 1200% (both without paid advertising).