#TagMeIn - Nike Campaign Proposal

  • Dominika Chmara
  • Celine Franklin
  • Hannah Tunley
  • Tobi

Brief: “Nike is committed to amplifying sport and lifestyle. How can Nike better engage with 16-30 year olds to highlight, empower and encourage the next generation of female athletes?” Task: Presenting the campaign proposal slides at Exposure London Head Office. Deliverables: A developed proposal for campaign along with visual mockups of the idea.

Above: An overview of slides prepared for the proposal presentation of the #TagMeIn campaign at the Exposure Head Office.

Poster mockups displaying women chosen as faces of the campaign. The aim was to showcase women in sports - across a range of fields, making the campaign inspirational and relatable to all types of women.
Mockup of a quiz which would be integrated into the Nike app, to allow users remote access to the campaign. The aim of the multiple choice quiz is to raise awareness around sportswomen and to inform participants of existing female achievements within sports. From our primary research – many 16-30 year olds are extremely uninformed of female achievements.
The same quiz would also be accessible within major Nike stores such as Nike Town. Customers would be able to participate in the quiz via the use of a touch screen. Participation would be encouraged through the possibility of obtaining a discount code for Nike products if a percentage of questions is answered correctly.
The team at the ELLE x Nike cover launch event after interviewing :
Ramla Ali – a Somali boxer  ( an existing Nike ambasador)
Dina Asher-Smith – a British sprinter – the fastest British woman in recorded history. (One of the 3 representatives chosen for the #TagMeIn campaign.)
Jordan Nobbs – an English footballer who plays for FA WSL club Arsenal.