TBD Q3 Meetup - 'Hybrid' (Economist, Accenture and a very special live experience)

  • Paul Armstrong
  • Sarah Hyndman

As always you know who's speaking...but not what about! That's the joy of TBD. You come along for a ride. Each speaker is handpicked and each is saying new stuff you haven't seen/heard anywhere else before. We let them off the leash... TICKETS: https://www.universe.com/events/tbd-conference-q3-meetup-hybrid-in-person-virtual-tickets-london-DK295F The last meetup saw us explore 'Future Spaces' (literally!) thanks to Skittish's Andy Baio, a bevy of strategic advice from IDEO's MD, Emilie Colker, and an in-depth look at what the Metaverse will offer businesses from world-renowned Futurist, Cathy Hackl. Come for an evening of mini-talks, hot takes, and surprises with the people you met at TBD, connected with via the WhatsApp group, and some new faces. Here's who you'll be hearing from. Chat and network with folks you know and folks you don't know yet! We may even be going in person for this one! Speaker 1 - Callum Williams - The Economist - Senior Economics Writer Speaker 2 - Sarah Ellen O'Farrell - Accenture - Behavioural & Psychological Sciences Lead Speaker 3 - Sarah Hyndman - CEO of Type Tasting Take your life in your hands and trust us with about 90-minutes of your life. Three speakers, lighting-fast, jam-packed, virtual. You don't have to have come to one of the TBD Conferences...but we do love to see alumni! Every attendee gets: - two trees planted in the TBD Forest thanks to Ecologi, - entered into a TBD limited-edition merch bundle sweepstake, - granted access to TBD WhatsApp group. OOOSH! In-person guests have the chance to win a treat from Tinggly, the experience gift company (one virtual winner from those who tune in will be also be selected - at random - to win a treat too)! TICKETS: https://www.universe.com/events/tbd-conference-q3-meetup-hybrid-in-person-virtual-tickets-london-DK295F