Paul Armstrong

Paul Armstrong

FounderLondon, United Kingdom
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Paul Armstrong

Paul Armstrong

FounderLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Paul Armstrong is a leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology, disruption, retail innovation, media industry, social technologies, consumer technology, mobile innovation, IoT, Martech/Adtech, start-ups and the start-up ecosystem. Paul runs the technology advisory HERE/FORTH where he helps clients including PwC, Coca-Cola, O2, P&G, jkrGlobal and MEC understand trends and how to sensibly apply emerging technologies strategically. Paul is regularly seen on the BBC and News at Ten, when industry comment is called for, and currently writes for a number of publications, including Forbes, Reuters, Cool Hunting, Evening Standard and Short List. Paul's first book, ‘Disruptive Technologies’, offers organizations a distinct response to emerging technologies including Blockchain (Bitcoin), artificial intelligence, graphene and nanotechnology and other external factors - such as the sharing economy, mobile penetration, millennial workforce, ageing populations - that impact on their business, client service and product model. 'Disruptive Technologies' became a best seller on Amazon with pre-orders alone. Paul is also co-host of the TechTalk show podcast and a founding member of the Good Technology Collective.
  • TBD Q3 Meetup - 'Hybrid' (Economist, Accenture and a very special live experience)
    TBD Q3 Meetup - 'Hybrid' (Economist, Accenture and a very special live experience)As always you know who's speaking...but not what about! That's the joy of TBD. You come along for a ride. Each speaker is handpicked and each is saying new stuff you haven't seen/heard anywhere else before. We let them off the leash... TICKETS: The last meetup saw us explore 'Future Spaces' (literally!) thanks to Skittish's Andy Baio, a bevy of strategic advice from IDEO's MD, Emilie Colker
  • TBD Conference (2018 - Present)
    TBD Conference (2018 - Present)Described as 'Like TED...without the bullsh!t', TBD is different to regular conferences. We have a forest for one and we have our own smell too. Technology. Behaviour. Data. is the only conference specifically designed to help you focus, reframe and plan for what the foreseeable future (and a little bit further) brings your way. Around +40 speakers take to the 'intimidatingly surrounded' stage and top journalists are there to keep everyone honest.
  • TBD Conference
    TBD ConferenceTBD Conference is described by attendees as 'TED...without the bullish!t'. TBD stands for ‘Technology. Behaviour. Data.’ and is the one-day conference designed to inform, inspire, and challenge the way decisions are made in order to make the best choices possible during a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Our aim is to prepare attendees for the future by increasing critical thinking, strategic insights and risk-awareness. Attendees leave feeling inspired, energised and action-ori
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  • Back on a real stage again
    Back on a real stage againSo good to be on a stage speaking to an audience in-person again. And this hybrid format really works well—lots of audience participation in the room and over WhatsApp. Thank you Paul Armstrong for inviting me to be a part of the amazing TBD community.
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    BSc Psychology and CommunicationsUniversity of Lincoln
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    Full lifecycle psychology with secondary in communication (focus on digital)