Teenage girls launch a project to redefine beauty standards and it’s empowering.

  • Rebecca Thomson
  • Rachita Saraogi
  • Chloe Mullane
  • kairon Edwards
  • bethan williams

With the help of Sisterhood, School 21 Sisters set up a pop-up design studio within Makerversity, a fabrication lab made up of Europe’s most exciting community of emergent maker businesses. Surrounded by inspiration and London’s most creative makers and thinkers the girls joined Sisterhood on our mission to boost confidence in young girls through creativity.


The Project Brief

Help girls feel comfortable with their natural beauty and create opportunities to see more realistic and diverse representations of women in the media.
The School 21 Sisters have initiated a digital platform - We Recognise which aims to use the power of storytelling to celebrate and encourage natural beauty from diverse cultures; thus reframing the unrealistic standards of beauty represented in the media.


We Recognise
Students from School 21 invite you to the launch of We Recognise — a digital platform that uses the power of storytelling to help girls embrace natural beauty from diverse cultures. 
BBC Radio Visits The School 21 Sisters
BBC Radio 4 broadcaster visits the School 21 sisters at the studio to talk to them about how to pursue a job you love and asks the girls about their experiences working in the creative industry.
Glamour Magazine (Press)
These kickass teenage girls have launched a project to redefine beauty standards and it’s so empowering.