• Haylee Campbell
  • Beatrice Tamagnini

BBLS team selected ten items we loved at the fashion rental platform Onloan. Our aim is to promote fashion rental in order to start reducing fast fashion consumption and promote smaller luxury brands that actually made the different.

We decided to partner with Onloan a fashion rental platform based in London and founded by two friends and female founders, with a shared mission to reduce waste, curate brilliant independent designers and reignite a love of clothes without the guilt.
We loved the idea that onloan understands that modern life requires many guises, that women somehow have many occasions and needs to dress for who they need to be that day, that month or even that moment.
We wanted to make it clear how onloan works and highlight ten beautiful pieces that were new and available on their platform. Therefore we created a page on bbls.studio where we listed all the products.

Head to our website to discover more, click here.
We created a small social media campaign defined by an organic post, stories where we highlighted the products and a reel.

Our intention was to drive users to the website and let them choose from the picked items. Each product was linked to the respective Onloan's product page where the user was free to rent it and get familiar with the brand!

You can see the post here
As a very small fashion platform BBLS was thrilled to see how much traffic we gained because of the content strategy placed.

It was an absolut pleasure working with Onloan!