The Butterfly Cafe

  • Clelia Giannuoli
  • Elena Amalia Radu
  • Eglė Gri

Branding For A Cafe Of The Future "Imagine you were a caterpillar about to evolve into a new you. ​ With all your thoughts, your doubts, you fears… Imagine you could stop right there your own metamorphosis and come out of your cocoon for a bit to get a coffee, some answers, some tips and a lead on your future. ​ What if I tell you there is a place to help you trough your transition from being a student to finding the job of your dreams? ​ A place for questions and answers, a place that values your time, your creativity, your possibilities. A team that roots for you and works with you. A single chat, no matter how short, can change the course of your life forever. ​ Talk . Make . Connect . Share . Evolve"

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Design Process