Clelia Giannuoli

Clelia Giannuoli

Freelance Designer, Photographer, Brand StrategistLondon, United Kingdom
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Clelia Giannuoli

Clelia Giannuoli

Freelance Designer, Photographer, Brand StrategistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Raw and talented visual artist, photographer, graphic designer, brand strategist and content creator passionate about all all forms of image making from traditional to digital ones. I worked on developing my own techniques through various creative fields with a focus on visual identity for emerging brands and a renewed interest in coaching, events planning, public speaking and singing. I draw inspiration from my daily life, people I admire, artists who broke barriers, industry leaders in visual communication as well as social and political movements. I am contagiously enthusiastic, charismatic, intuitive, genuine and very hardworking; I have excellent social and communication skills, strong insightful and creative analysis, an always positive outlook and I am eager to contribute in producing positive change. Looking forward to getting started.
  • The Butterfly Cafe
    The Butterfly CafeBranding For A Cafe Of The Future "Imagine you were a caterpillar about to evolve into a new you. ​ With all your thoughts, your doubts, you fears… Imagine you could stop right there your own metamorphosis and come out of your cocoon for a bit to get a coffee, some answers, some tips and a lead on your future. ​ What if I tell you there is a place to help you trough your transition from being a student to finding the job of your dreams? ​ A place for questions and answers, a place that value
  • Etta’s Personae : A Journey Through Miss James’s Identity
    Etta’s Personae : A Journey Through Miss James’s IdentityThe project explores the concept of identity intended as a social role, mask or shell that both hides and protects the self. Through the process of image making, movement and the remarkable story of Miss Etta James, my FMP constitutes of a tribute 3D installation made of 8 masks each representing a different stage and identity. The aim is to invite the audience to experience what it means to be in somebody else’s shoes by wearing their identities and personify them. Ultimately, each piece
  • R E L A T I O N S H I T S
    R E L A T I O N S H I T SSelf-directed project that explores the depth of a breakup through portraiture photography of the self
  • Journeys
    JourneysPic in the Pic, Collecting details, Observing the observer
  • Alice In Londonland
    Alice In LondonlandA cautionary tale, told through photography
  • Duke Of Uke 10th Anniversary
    Duke Of Uke 10th AnniversaryCelebrating Ukuleles With Poster Design
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Work history
    Apple logo
    Apple logo
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Demonstrating extensive knowledge in products and services offered by Apple. Enriching customer journey by providing tailored and optimal store experience, building relationships, creating owners not simple buyers. Training customers on how to use their personal/business Apple technology - Macs, Ipads, Iphones, accessories, softwares, apps and data transfers. Assisting through hardware resets, password resets/setup, account setups, iTunes and App Store walkthrough. Facilitating workshops, demos and presentations. Working alongside creatives and helping new users developing new skills - video, photography, retouch, art direction, design, illustration, music. Managing inventory and restocking.
    Freelance DesignerFor myself
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Helping brands connect to their audience through research, brand strategy, logo design, design application, digital marketing, merchandising, social media. Educating individuals about brand design. Building long-lasting professional relationships.
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  • Photography
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  • Content Curation
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  • Branding
  • Motivation
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  • Indesign
    London Metropolitan University logo
    London Metropolitan University logo
    BA Graphic DesignLondon Metropolitan University
    London, United Kingdom
    1st Class Graduate
    High School Diploma in Foreign LanguagesITCL Marco Polo
     - Italy
    London Metropolitan University logo
    London Metropolitan University logo
    Design Award for Research in Graphic DesignLondon Metropolitan University