The Common at Glastonbury

  • Rebecca Pattinson
  • Max Hagenbach
The Brief:
The Common is one of the most loved areas of Glastonbury. It is part of the South East Corner where the festival's late night attractions can be found. In 2013, The Common was struggling to stand out next to its famous neighbour Shangri La and wanted a live social media activation team to help promote the areas' attractions in the runup to and during the festival.
My Role:
I worked as a social content creative, capturing photography and designing social media images to create social posts that would capture the infectious energy and fun loving spirit of the area. The assets I created were designed to advertise the events taking place in each of the Common's five venues so that festival lovers attending would be able to plan their evenings. Every evening, I also captured photography and short social videos so that the online audience at home could see and take part in the fun. I also targeted top influencers and broadcasters attending the festival and managed to entice the BBC over as part of their Glastonbury programming to cover The Common for the first time in its history.
Check out some examples of my work below