The Commonwealth — Brand Identity

  • Jonny Rowe
  • Joe Russell
The Commonwealth is an iconic 8-storey building in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee—a building rich in history, that has stood vacant for over three decades.
Formally known as the Medical Arts Building, and then The Hickman Building, it was bought in 2014 by a local business consortium, with the vision to restore it to its former glory, turning it into a beacon of light in the downtown area.
Although the name and ownership has changed over the years, it has always stood for the same thing since it was built in 1926 — being there for the common good.
We were tasked with coming up with a name and identity that would reflect both the building’s past, but also the vision for its future.
After coming up with the name ‘The Commonwealth’, we defined the positioning line ‘Since 1926’ that reinforced the building’s standing in Memphis, whilst providing us with a framework to tell and illustrate stories of the building’s colourful past, since 1926.