The Dots' Culture Pick: Carnival Photography

  • Annie Ly
  • Laura Richardson
  • Ollie Trenchard
  • Marco Kesseler
  • stefania tasca
  • Isaac J. Cambridge

In the warm up to this weekend's Notting Hill Carnival, we dived into The Dots' pool of projects to get those Bank Holiday vibrations ringing in our bones. Here are some images that we think encapsulate the notion of Carnival, take a look whilst your Red Stripes are still cooling down in the fridge.

Photography: Isaac Cambridge
'Notting Hill Carnival 2016'
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Photography: Stefania Tasca
'Jamicia Mi Crazy'
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Photography Above: Marco Kesseler
'Hackney Carnival'
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Photography Below: Oliver Trenchard
Curated by Laura Richardson
Edited by Robyn Sian Cusworth