The Floor Magazine: Issue 002

  • Ope Oduwole
  • Andrea Nzeribe
  • Akachi Priscilla Mbakwe
  • Karen Chalamilla
  • Paula 'narcography' Abu

The Floor Magazine Issue 002 is the All Women's Issue. It is centered around what women have done, and have been doing in the creative industry. We interviewed and wrote about a lot of amazing and inspiring women and so this issue is monumental in many ways.

Our cover was Tanya Compas: a writer, LGBTQ activist and youth worker. She spoke about finding herself in South America, working with kids in schools and political aspect of being both black and queer.
Our main music feature was Taliwhoah- an RnB artist heavily influenced by both US and UK sound.
We also had the honour of interviewing Raifa Rafiq from the award-winning podcast: Mostly Lit.