The Gigantic Change: Animation starring Whoopi Goldberg

  • George Lewin

A story of hope set in the future, looking back at how the world came together to try to save the environment. The film, created for Extinction Rebellion, shows that a brighter future is in fact possible, where we live in harmony with nature rather than being its master. Collaboration with Nicola Jane Francis. The film launched with a bespoke website, Your guide to taking action on the climate.

Cast & Crew

Grandmother: Whoopi Goldberg
Granddaughter: Livia Nelson
Co-Directors: George Lewin & Nicola Jane Francis
Story: George Lewin
Co-Writers: Nicola Jane Francis & Josh Hughes
Producer: Serena Schellenberg
Executive Producer: Belle Palmer at Passion Pictures
Designer & Animator: Nicola Jane Francis
Sound Designer: Chris Banks
Music Composer: Simon Chamberlain
Casting Director: Nicci Topping Casting
Livia Nelson represented by: Creative Kidz & Co
Voiceover Recording: Factory Studios
Partnerships Consultant: Sarah Greenfield Clark
Distribution: Jonathan Mintram & Beverly Luckings
Website: Erik Hartin, Moa Pårup and George Lewin
Website Content Consultant: Dr Emily Grossman