The History of....Games

  • Ellen Rose
  • Kate Cargill
  • Jo Sharff

Even in lockdown, h Club is continuing it’s ‘The History of…’ series that aims to inspire, educate and entertain. Talks with specialists from different creative industries, to discuss the history and ever-changing future of particular topics that range from; dance music, drugs, advertising, and more! This month it couldn’t be more apt that the talk is online. We are focusing our attention on the history of (video) games. The award-winning video gamer presenter and journalist Elle Osili-Wood will be hosting the Zoom panel. We’ll be delving into the early days of video games, chatting joysticks, Space Invaders and Atari consoles then all the way up to the present day talking about how the industry has changed and why it has become such a massive industry in the last few years. Alongside Elle on the expert panel is the Head of Video for, Johnny Chiodini, the CEO of Dream Reality Interactive, Dave Ranyard and Korina Abbot, an award-winning gaming expert with a marketing agency specialising in games.

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