'The Human Discoball' Sponsorship Campaign / HSBC

Bringing disco and dancing to a global sporting event.

HSBC is the leading sponsor behind the Women's golf championships that happen in Shanghai. Saatchi & Saatchi were tasked to create an identity and campaign for the event. Our response had to ensure visual standout, appeal to a  young audience and feel larger than just golf.  Restrictions around talent relied on the creative representing the sport conceptually. My creative routes panned from abstract representations of the sport, with a big fashion influence. Or artistic representations that were meant to mesmerize and intrigue.

Riffing off golf terminology (dancefloor slang for putting green) the big idea used the visual language of dance and disco.   The identity used light, colour, and music to bring it to life in digital spaces. We were able to theme the campaign and the event as a huge club night. Upgrading the 13th hole celebrations to a festival; including live music and food stands. I collaborated with a talented dress and prop maker, Erevos Aether, who made our suit. And a photographer, Rick Guest, who understood light really well.

Role: Art director & designer - Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Design: Nathan Crawford  Photographer: Rick Guest Post: Smoke & Mirrors

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