The Ladder

  • Alec Dudson
  • Kirstie O'Mahony
  • Abraham Abbi Asefaw
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Michael William Lester

The Ladder is a new podcast from Intern seeking to empower young creative people by investigating the world of work that they aspire to succeed in.

The programme is hosted by Alec Dudson and produced by Ben Ovington, Fuchsia Summerfield and Calvin Lanz, students and recent graduates from Salford University's audio for media BA.
You can listen to the first pilot episode now, by searching 'The Ladder' in your favourite podcast app and subscribing. Alternatively, click below to visit the show's homepage on some of the most popular services.
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Our pilot episodes unpick the issue of the gender pay gap and the investigation was sparked last year by an email from Hannah Rottger, a student of Alec’s at the time. It intensified with Ruby Goss’ brilliant ‘Mind the Gap’ piece, which went to prove that there was a lot to be done before women were likely to see genuine equality in the workplace.
The intention of our move into podcasting, is to provide a space where we can dive deeper into the key issues in the world of creative work, empowering our listeners to make informed choices about their careers. We want to do this right, so don’t expect episodes consisting of single interviews, we pride ourselves on dynamic storytelling and presenting a range of perspectives. In this first episode, you’ll hear from Ruby Goss, Pip Jamieson, Abraham Asefaw, Madeline Grant, Imriel Morgan, Kirstie O’Mahony, Ellen Ling and Melanie Levick-Parkin. All in just over half an hour.
In addition to the University of Salford who not only helped us to arrange our brilliant audio team, but also allowed us to record in their world-class facilities at the New Adelphi building, this programme has been produced in collaboration with Squarespace and, a new Manchester-based start-up who supply everything you need to explore audio storytelling.