Side Hustle/ Author

The Little Trailblazers

  • Laura Jordan Bambach
  • Rob Ford
  • Cindy Gallop
  • Resh Sidhu
  • Karen Boswell

The Little Trailblazers is a children’s book for 2-5 year olds. Featuring twenty one inspirational original stories for children, from twenty one internet pioneers, visualised by twenty one modern illustrators - I'm one of the 21 authors alongside Nick Law, Resh Sidhu and Karen Boswell, Cindy Gallop and of course Rob Ford from the FWA who brought us all together and made it happen. The 21 original stories are of empowerment, equality and being your authentic self. My chapter, The Wet Noses, is about a young rabbit that dreams of starting an all-grrrrl punk band, and how she brings the forest together in the process. I'm super proud of this great collaborative piece of work! The book was designed by MENDO and it a HUGE anthology of the like I remember from childhood. All the profits from the sale of this book will go to help Unicef’s work for vulnerable children around the world

Written by… Nick Law Apple, Eric Jordan Creative Director Designer, Motion Graphics Animator, Interactive Artist, UI Designer, Audio Producer &, Cathy Davenport LeeCreative Director at HBO, Rob Ford Founder & Owner, FWA, Laura Jordan-Bambach CCO, Mr President; Past President, D&AD, Co-Founder She Says, Lars Bastholm Founder, Mic Drop Corporation, Vivian Rosenthal Founder, FREQUENCY, Darren & Samantha Richardson CCO Havas Dusseldorf & Digital ECD Europe / Author,Valentina Culatti Head of Creative Shop Northern Europe, Facebook and Instagram at Facebook, Jeffrey & Ava Zeldman Designer, Author / Student, Resh Sidhu & Karen Boswell Creative Director, AKQA / Agent of Change, adam&eveDDB, Jason Zada Film Director & Multi-Platform Storyteller, Tom Daly Chief Marketing Officer, President/US – skignz, Ltd, Martina ZavagnoSenior Director, Nike, Cindy Gallop Founder & CEO MakeLoveNotPorn, David & Camilla Martin CEO, Fantasy / Management Advisor, Fantasy, Leslie BradshawEntrepreneur In Residence, Bionic Solution, Corinna Falusi Partner & CCO, Mother NY, Eric Ang Head of Developer Program, Dolby, Haraldur ThorleifssonFounder & CEO, Ueno, Geoffrey Lillemon Artist & Creative Director
Illustrators Romain Bouchereau, David Pinisha, Simone (Si) Parmeggiani, Astara Bakker, Ronald Vermeijs, Oguzhan Secir, Carolina Pontes, Sofiya Dubinskaya, Doug Alves, WEARBEARD, Turgay Mutlay, Andrew “skooj” Skuja, Greg Hoyna, Amy Lane, Lucile Danis Drouot, Renate Postma, Paula Araújo Losas, Ailisha Sabalburo, Adam Chang, Emma Haraldsdottir, Anita Fontaine