The North Face - The New Explorer

  • Laura Terre
  • Jemima Garthwaite

THE CHALLENGE From the mountain to the city, The North Face believes that the spirit of exploration lives in everyone, and it's the brand’s mission to spark it. However, social media habits tend to make people watch others’ adventures rather than live their own. So we used Instagram to get them off Instagram. THE MAGIC RECIPE Curiosity + Courage = Exploration "Let’s use the New Explorers´s influence to give courage to the curious", we said. THE STRATEGY 1. Finding the New Explorers We sought 4 diverse influencers who go against the norm, be it in the city, or out in the mountains. They featured in inspiring videos aimed to give their already-curious audience the little push they need to challenge fear and routine, and apply to join the adventure. 2. They designed their own adventure The New Explorers invited their followers to join them on different journeys - each one had an experimental or personal element. 3. They went for it, then shared it with the world The 4 experiences were captured and played out through social media in real-time: Influencers included: German Adventurer, Marie Mouroum, OKIEM and Sophie Everard.