The Other Art Fair Sydney

  • Laura Richardson
  • Ali Rybczyk
  • Sophie Loxton Lucas
  • Emma Warren
  • Melanie Booth
  • Ryan Stanier
The Other Art Fair is celebrated as the leading artist fair for connecting art buyers directly with the very best emerging artists.
Founded by Ryan Stanier in 2011, the life of the fair has seen the successful launch of twelve editions in London and Bristol. In September 2015 The Other Art Fair went international; a launch event that fully cemented the Fair into Sydney’s cultural calendar. Welcoming 9,000 visitors through the doors of Ambush Gallery Central Park, the fair exhibited 70+ of Australia’s most incredible unrepresented artists.
Running over four days, the Fair provides a platform to make art accessible, directly connecting Artists with Gallerists, collectors and critics. Beyond art sales, the fair presents ‘the other’; visitors are engaged by extensive food, beverage and event programming.
The vision for 2016 promises to be even bigger and better, with the appointment of intentional Fair Director Laura Richardson, a move to one of Australia's newest arts and cultural destinations The Commune, partnerships with aspirational brands, exciting event programming with international features, guest artists, VIP parties, 100+ exhibiting artists all leading to exceeding 12,000 art lovers.
Our 2016 high-profile selection committee on par with London committee led by renowned British Artist, Tracey Emin, is key to guaranteeing a diversity of works spanning all mediums.
The fair is unique in its approach to supporting artists, providing a platform where they can further cultivate their professional careers. By purchasing art at the fair, buyers directly support emerging artistic talent and contribute to the growing opportunities for undiscovered artists in Australia.