The Pain Museum

  • Anna Rose Kerr
  • Margaux Revol
  • Geraldine Mollard (she|her)
  • Oliver Barrett
  • Augustine Cerf
  • Venus Libido
  • Prudence Beecroft
  • Hannah Berry George

Pain for women has historically been side-lined; written off as “normal” or dismissed as a symptom of hysteria. It’s even harder to get a diagnosis if you’re a Black, Asian or mixed heritage woman. Not to mention the host of stigmas and lack of understanding that stands in the way of trans and non-binary people receiving adequate care for their pain. The consequences can be devastating – unconscious medical bias, a dearth of research, chronic misdiagnosis, a continued lack of funding and an ingrained culture of neglect, leaving women suffering undiagnosed and untreated for years. But Bodyform believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We created a space for womb pain to be heard and taken seriously. Creating an open dialogue about the conditions that cause this pain and just how many women suffer from them.

Housed within The Pain Museum is this powerful film of Lauren Mahon's experience of undiagnosed endometriosis:
As well as some incredible imagery from The Pain Dictionary which gives a new language to womb pain, that can't be aduquietlely described on a scale of 1-10. You can see more of The Pain Dictionary, read the Pain Report and visit the Pain Museum at

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