Anna Rose Kerr

Anna Rose Kerr

Creative Director | ECD | Artist | WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Anna Rose Kerr

Anna Rose Kerr

Creative Director | ECD | Artist | WriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
London based freelance Creative Director working at the intersection of culture and technology. With over fifteen years worth of agency experience, alongside a practise researching and developing post-internet art. Recipient of multiple international awards, including Cannes Lions 2021 best in show for innovative work that blurs the boundaries of mediums. Experience across various industries: 📺 🥃 🏛️ 🍸 🍺 🩸💏🏌️ 🎵 🧼 ⛵ Previously Droga5 NZ, Saatchi & Saatchi, Work Club, Havas London and Ketchum.
  • The Pain Museum
    The Pain MuseumPain for women has historically been side-lined; written off as “normal” or dismissed as a symptom of hysteria. It’s even harder to get a diagnosis if you’re a Black, Asian or mixed heritage woman. Not to mention the host of stigmas and lack of understanding that stands in the way of trans and non-binary people receiving adequate care for their pain. The consequences can be devastating – unconscious medical bias, a dearth of research, chronic misdiagnosis, a continued lack of funding and an ing
  • Every Lesson Shapes a Life
    Every Lesson Shapes a LifeThese films were created as part of the 'Every Lesson Shapes a Life' campaign. From nationwide street casting, we found six people to share real stories of the lessons their teachers taught them.
  • Rekorder-land Mixed Reality Bar
    Rekorder-land Mixed Reality BarCreated for Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig on London's Southbank, a bar where cocktails come to life and midsummer crowns are made from augmented fruit. Visitors can step through a portal to enter "Rekorder-land", using Magic Leap headsets to explore a hyperreal world where fruits and flavours come to life and the sun hangs high in the sky. Free tickets available at
  • Ballantine's Space Glass
    Ballantine's Space GlassIn 2015 we set out to design a Glass for the future of whisky, and write a story about the future of humanity. Since 1827 Ballantine’s have stayed true to the way founder George Ballantine first made the whisky — we needed to ensure that legacy lived on for centuries to come. There’s no way we’re drinking a premium Scotch out of a plastic bag and straw once we get to Titan! The Ballantine's Space Glass ensures we’ll take the elegance and ritual of whisky with us.
  • East London WaterWorks Park
    East London WaterWorks ParkI recently joined the East London Waterworks Park team; which is group campaining to turn a disused industrial site near Walthamstow & Hackney marshes into a nature reserve with natural swimming ponds! Over a few hours this past weekend Amy Shields and I (with voices and photos from other volunteers) pulled this together from a rough concept into an ad that will be screened at a local cinema. No production budget, just trying things out. We still need your support to bring this idea into reali
  • Braun x Rankin
    Braun x RankinBored with the grooming industry stereotypes of clean-shaven tough men, we worked with Rankin to produce a new, softer image of masculinity. Housed in a Bauhaus inspired virtual art gallery due to restrictions right before launch.
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Projects credited in
  • Britain's Beer Alliance - Long Live the Local
    Britain's Beer Alliance - Long Live the LocalLong Live the Local: Britain’s Beer Alliance launches major pro-pub campaign amidst increasing financial pressures -New marketing campaign aims to promote pubs and cut beer tax in face of three pub closures every day- The pub – a cultural institution, quintessentially British icon and bedrock of local communities – faces significant challenges ahead. With increasing financial pressures from a range of taxes, three local pubs close their doors for good every day[1]. Today, Britain’s Beer Alliance
  • Campaign & Creative Equals present the next generation of women redefining creativity 2018
    Campaign & Creative Equals present the next generation of women redefining creativity 2018"Campaign and Creative Equals present the future creative leaders; the women defining creativity today and tomorrow. Last year, Campaign’s "Future creative leaders" made its debut. The result was a talent-quake. Those who explained away the lack of female creatives in their departments by saying, "We just can’t seem to find the talent", no longer had an excuse. Now, this list has a life of its own. In 2017, we had 70 entrants; this year, we had 170, all the way up to creative director level. So,
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    Creative DirectorStudio of Art & Commerce
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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    Creative DirectorVICE
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    MA History of ArtBirkbeck, University of London
    London, United Kingdom
    Bachelor of CommunicationsAUT University
     - Auckland, New Zealand
    Majoring in Advertising Creativity