The Spirit Of Camden - the first music documentary film from How Does It Sound?

  • Carlo Polisano
  • Virginia Malavasi
  • Andrea Pasqua
  • Michelangelo Torres
  • Benjamin Leggett
  • Holly Xue

‘How Does It Sound?’ is a series of short documentary films that explores the relationship between underground artists, grassroots music venues and the city around them. Each film will reveal the stories and the journey of the artists, bands and venues that are leaving their mark in the underground music scene of their town. It’s an opportunity to map the state of music within and outside the wheels of the industry, covering the stories of all those actors that play an essential role in establishing a rich, prolific music community in their town. The first documentary film ‘The Spirit Of Camden’ brings you back inside a legendary grassroots music venue in the heart of the famous neighbourhood. Five singer-songwriters share their stories as independent artists in London, while guiding us on a wonderful journey to find the perfect sound. We discover how the Spiritual Bar changed their lives, slowly becoming a sanctuary for live music lovers in London. To celebrate our long awaited return to normality and to all those things we missed the most, from March 31st until May 17th, ‘The Spirit Of Camden’ is free to watch on Youtube.