The Sweet Moments

  • Alice Werrell
  • Hannah Freeman

Alice Werrell and Hannah Freeman Insight: Sometimes it can be hard to say how we feel Proposition: For the sweet moments We made a series of prints showcasing examples of times people have relied on love heart to show how they really feel. They are relatable anecdotes that encourage you to purchase a pack of Loveheart sweets and tell that special someone how you really feel. This idea of sweet moments is carried through into our 3 separate 30 second TV ads. They too explore different forms of relationships and how each one uses a Lovehearts to commemorate a sweet moment. This is through the stories of a divorced couple, an elderly couple and two young children facing the struggles of school. Finally, our experiential ad consists of putting Loveheart sweets that read 'Marry me' in ring boxes in jewellery stores.