This is What a Footballer Looks Like Documentary

  • Rebecca Thomson
  • Katee Hui
  • Rachita Saraogi
  • Edi W

“This Is What A Footballer Looks Like” is a 12-minute documentary, delivered, directed, filmed, starred and written by the team members of Hackney Laces Football Club. From concept to creation the Hackney Laces team storyboarded, filmed and interviewed one another for the final documentary, which challenged the gender stereotypes within the sport and shared a deeper look into their experiences as footballers which they hope will inspire more girls to sign-up to a team and have the opportunity to play football.

Through a 12-week workshop with Sisterhood, Hackney Laces used design thinking exercises and followed the double diamond process to discover and define how the team would approach making the world of football a better place for girls and women and recruit more girls to play for Hackney Laces.
We partnered up with London Football Journeys who provided the team with equipment and basic training in how to use the cameras. The documentary focuses on encouraging more girls to play football and bringing more feminine elements to the sport. The girls interviewed each other and also touched upon other topics like pay inequality and exposure between male and female footballers.
The documentary also features their local communities, including their favourite places to play and eat in the community to encourage other people to visit Hackney.
“I have been ‘blown away’ by the girls creative talent and articulation of the struggle every woman faces as footballers. I hope there is a generation of female footballers out there who regardless of their ability or what level they want to play at, they at least had the chance to try it and hopefully liked it."
Katie Hui | Founder of Hackney Laces

Photography: Edith Whitehead