This Land Echoes

  • Quito Leal
  • Mauricio Alarcon

A glass of wine and a story. The portrait of a moment. A short film about nature, wine and rituals.

This short film tells the story of a ancient way of wine making, evoking past generations of wine makers, traditional wine making practices and Napoleon’s army visits for wine tasting. Making fun of modern exhaustive agro-processes and wine artificial flavours.
2021 Official selection:
New York Independent Cinema Awards:
Venice Shorts: https: //
Indie Shorts Awards New York:
Lift-Off Tokyo 2021:
Directed by Quito Leal
Voice Over by Howard O'Toole
Written by Quito Leal & Mauricio Alarcón
Design by R2:
Motion Graphics by Iban Arnau
Creative Direction and Art Direction: Location Site: Somewhere in the North of Portugal