Touch Magazine

  • Kieron Lewis
  • Olga Kott

As Olga and I travel around London a lot for work, it becomes more apparent than ever of how hostile people can be towards those who are homeless. With this in mind, we wanted to bridge a gap between the public's perception, in particular young people, of how they view homelessness and the stigmas that are attached to it.

We collaborated with Homeless Heroes Aid (HHA), who are a charity dedicated to the rehabilitation of veterans suffering mental ill health, and providing independent living arrangements for former homeless Veterans. Olga & Kay, HHA, Nia (my sister, 16) and her friend Esha (16), travelled around different parts of London to have conversations with those who were homeless. With their permission, we recorded every conversation and transcribed it for the magazine. To everyone featured, we made it our goal to leave a copy of the magazine at their local community centre, so they can see their story in print and read about other homeless experiences. The magazine was not for selling purposes. It was created to be an educational tool, which Olga and I would share with young people when we give talks and conduct workshops. Read the magazine in full here.