Trend Forecast for Materials Innovations

Briefed by Unique Style Platform I have broadened my skills in research and consoladation of trends to form a concise report communicating the key research findings. The first board explores vegan and plant based alternatives to leather from #banana #leaf technology, #coconut water #solutions and #apple and pineapple #waste @pinatex @desserto and @bananatex being key examples. @H&M is also using #vegea for their shoes and pouches as a more #ethical material solution. Natural dying by @flaviaaranha to company @brabantia are creating products that allow people to take their own waste from scrap #vegetables and making their own gardens in their kitchen! This is particularly relevant to the post pandemic consumer who is seeking #solutions to sourcing food other than relying on supermarket supply. Copper, a #hypoallergenic material, is to become a key material choice in a #post-pandemic world with a desire for #cleanliness. @bocadolobo creates gorgeous interior surfaces featuring #hammered copper coffee tables and cabinets, whilst @decastelli_offical creates cooper plant pots with a contrasting smooth finish. Waterless products are an emerging trend particularly in the beauty industry from dissolvable packing to concentrated ingredients activated by water to reduce waste. @dewmighty @haeckels and @nohbo are great examples of brands doing this as well as @alleyoop who are creating #multifunctional products including the four-way razor for an on-the-go solution to shaving and #reusability, allowing the user to simply swap out the razer and balm to #replace. Healing crystals are set to become a key #trend in a post-pandemic world, as seen being styling in @caroline-perino fashion shots and in @mishakahin art interiors. These surfaces give a calming aesthetic, interacting with light in a #clean and #fresh way. Finally, I have always loved looking into new #innovations in the #sports #tech industry. In doing this a found a few companies utilising the #thermoregulation #technology for example in @nike who have created a bodysuit that incorporates #airflow panels based on #athlete research on heat mapping and #sweat accumulation, providing increased #comfort and #breathability.